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Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Solution

Plan, optimize, manage and keep records of the company’s infrastructure, assets, and resources and reduce the maintenance cost with the best facilities management software from iPath Solutions.

A Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) software helps businesses and facility managers develop and manage human resources. This CAFM software enables financial resources with the ability to track and plan the facility’s operations. It helps businesses follow logistical tasks digitally with continuous operations and facilities management solutions. CAFM systems are one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT development industry.

With CAFM Systems, we can enable storage of centralized data for facilities, monitoring asset utilization and condition, automation of work orders, scheduling and monitoring routine maintenance and repairs.

Computer-Aided Facilities Management Services
Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) Solution

We enable space operations through facility management system software

CAFM software helps you curate the long-term planning of the organization’s resources and how to manage and control available infrastructure facilities.

iPath Solutions are among UK’s top facility management software companies and provide software development services in the UK. We believe in delivering the best facilities management software to businesses to optimally utilize their assets, efficient schedule space management and allocations, and savings on management costs.

Our top CAFM systems in UK help you to keep track of each of your employees and their physical location on the premises and keep records of which resources are allocated to what operations. Furthermore, being CAFM system providers, we believe our responsibility is to make things easy for your businesses. Our facilities management system solutions have the core elements to enhance your current operations, and we can adapt them as per your business requirements.

Our facilities management software helps you with

Preventing and Scheduling Maintenance 

Our CAFM software development services will help you with low downtime for operations, optimize repair costs, and enhance operational productivity. With CAFM facilities management systems you can analyze the resource utilization and schedule maintenance along with repairs, and your organization can prolong the service life of expensive equipment to minimize costs.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Cloud CAFM system providers let you get to the core of what’s going on in your business. The system offers a user-friendly platform through desktop or mobile applications where you can approve and deny spending with applicable workflows and rules. You can simplify procedures, including cost reporting, approval processes, and maintenance finance monitoring, by using a system that helps you maximize collaborative decision making and gather real-time metrics.

Responsive Work Order Management

A CAFM software solution offers many benefits like an easy task management system, but they also help to define and manage your costs. When you use a CAFM software package, you can track data and take the necessary measures according to unexpected occurrences or scheduled maintenance that needs to be attained.

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Why rely on iPath Solutions for
Facility Management System Software


Easy Management of Assets

Building and facility management software offers registration of facility’s assets, IT-related assets, office equipment, monitoring of assets location with floor plan. Along with it helps in optimum utilization of assets.


Management of Space and Movement

With best facility management software, we offer easy and user-friendly dashboard for accessing space allocation and occupancy data, monitoring of real-time space utilization, enhancing space utilization to define the optimal office configuration.


Management of Energy and Sustainability

We facilitate analysis of power, water, and other resources to understand consumption patterns, identify wastage areas, and suggest optimal resource utilization through our software. You can also monitor production of wastage across all the facilities and develop waste management strategies.


User Portal for Employees and Visitors

We enable ticket generation for facility management and repair tasks, automation of emails and messages for ticket status updates to help facilities users and managers. Our teams also allow analysis of customer satisfactionand service quality.

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